200 reviews are posted on Tripadvisor every minute. Every day, hoteliers all over the world live and die by these ratings and reviews. Every month, 350 million travelers read reviews, and 80% of them report feeling more confident afterwards. Glossy features and extravagant PR budgets are a thing of the past; social media has altered the traveler's journey dramatically. Today's travelers are hungry for off the beaten path experiences, worthy of sharing. And that's where I come in. There are two sides to every travel story - the traveler's experience, and the hotelier's perspective. By following along with me, you'll get the best of both.



Nothing, I repeat nothing, could prepare me for the unexpected twists and turns I come across all over the world. From dog bites to nude beaches, it's a surprise I keep traveling at all. Travel along with me, laugh along with me, and get inspired to plan your next trip.

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Navigating the changes that affect your next trip can be tricky. How can you get the best deal on a hotel? Which is better, Airbnb or hotels? If you're asking yourself these questions, or if you work in the hotel industry, you'll love this section of the travel blog.

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