It wasn't destiny that landed me here. It wasn't my first choice either. 

My life up to that point was a series of one way tickets. NY to Montreal to pursue an education, Montreal to LA to write my tell all (more on that later), LA to Tucson to escape the city and regain consciousness, and Tucson to Bend...to settle down.

Yes, I met a boy.


And yes, it took everything in me not to run for the hills when I landed in Central Oregon. Of all the places I'd go, winding up here was the biggest surprise.

What opportunities did I have? What would I write next? Should I stay?

The paradox is that once I arrived in Oregon, my work took me on adventures all over the country. It allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the tourism industry and cast a critical lens on my own experiences as a traveler.

By day, I own a marketing agency representing resorts, hotels, restaurants, and specialty brands across the US. I am a tireless writer, putting as much effort into a client's website design and social media strategy, as I do in my personal projects. For me, everything comes back to storytelling.

My debut novel, Jenny Green's Killer Junior Year, appeared on Page Six of the NY Post, and received a New York Public Library Award. Based on my college dating experiences in Montreal and described as "Sex & The City meets American Psycho," the YA novel was published by Simon & Schuster in 2008, and is available via Amazon and other booksellers. 

Although I've traded fiction writing for travel, you may find a few more plot twists in store.

 Laughing Bird Caye nearby Placencia, Belize

Laughing Bird Caye nearby Placencia, Belize